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Worshipping False Idols.


I am not a particularly religious person, but I can’t help but think when I look at the Los Angeles skyline or the skyline of any city for that matter that we are worshipping false idols and icons. Advertisements stand tall - hundreds of feet above us and peer down upon us shaping our desires - selling us things: ideas, ideals.  Billboards depict people - our peers - with perfectly airbrushed bodies. Sexy bottles of alcohol tower above us. And, bright lights flash images of the life we could have. Boldly imprinting their message: Buy, Shop, Consume. Be better than you because you are not enough.  

Walking into a technology store, or a big bank or an office tower, or even a shop sometimes illicits a feeling of grandeur. These places seem larger than life - almost church like. To enter their doors is to support their ideology,  the message they are selling and the philosophy they are preaching. To be a participant of their business is to worship at their altar. For with my participation I am now saying, “I believe what you are telling me to believe.” Or, “I believe in you.” 

It is no surprise, that behind the tall buildings, big billboards, and promises for a better life lies our economic engine which feeds itself on money. Our system is set up in a way that we need this money thing as it has become synonymous with our power. We need money for the things that really matter: to buy food, have access to clean water, to live in a safe neighborhood and to put a roof over our heads. But, why are we relying on this phony middle man? Money has become like the false guru that says he will give us direct access to the divine spirit or the priest who acts as our messenger to god. It is fallible, and often unreliable at best.

Our money has become our salvation. It can save us from a life of hell on earth for it pardons us from the lack of what is of true significance: food, clean water, shelter, and the health of our loved ones.  Work has us enslaved. We spend our days oftentimes in “hell” worshipping at the altar of business trying to make ends meet so that we can be good enough, work hard enough or be successful enough to be granted access to our own personal heaven by the gods of finance. Perhaps heaven to you or I looks like the big house, the fancy car, and the yacht with the helicopter.  With our retirement and all those things in hand we will have reached the heaven we seek. The only catch is that we will be much older then, so we must use our young years wisely and make as much money as fast as we can so we can win the race to heaven. Hurry up. 

So this is merely social commentary because, I like you am stuck in this backwards ponzi scheme that we call our economy. Everyday I participate in worshipping this false idol called money. Trying to make it and prove that I am “worth” the best food, water and shelter out there, keeping the wheels of the corrupted system turning, worshipping false icons because somewhere deep down I am afraid that if I don’t, I will find myself living in hell on earth. 

False gods, idols and icons gain their power through our disempowerment and dependency. We are dependent on money.  


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